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    • Sensor Algorithm Development
    • Analytics Web Application
    • Analytics Mobile Application
    • IoT Setup Application
    • Team Growth
  • Relationship
    8 years (ongoing)
  • Valuation
    $1.05 Billion
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Every building has a story.

In a post-pandemic world, corporate offices are rapidly changing. Through a combination of sensors and analytics, Density provides historical and real-time insights, empowering fortune 1000 companies to make better real estate and workplace design decisions. We’ve supported Density for nearly a decade, across their wide-ranging software, hardware, and embedded products. Test

Vertically integrated hardware & software

The Bread team managed engineering, design, and product at Density. Everything from factory test and assembly, to embedded software and machine-learning algorithms, cloud pipelines, APIs, and mobile/web applications were built under our direction.

Information Architecture

Scaling Density meant building pipelines that could ingest high volumes of data, and transform it into intelligible analytics and beautiful reports.

Advanced Machine Learning

There was no dataset for people count using time-of-flight or mmWave radar. We collected, annotated, and trained advanced algorithms to count people, anonymously.

Private at its core

Security and privacy are core tenets of Density; which meant implementing a secure OS, advanced user permissions, and SOC-2 compliance. We helped develop GDPR sensors that are anonymous by design and can’t capture any personally identifiable information (PII). This allows our customers to capture highly accurate data without invading their occupant’s privacy.