• Industry
  • Projects
    • Video-based Mobile Application
    • Matching Algorithm Development
  • Relationship
    3 years (ongoing)
  • Valuation
    $10 Million
  • Website


Meet people, face to face.

Filteroff is a dating app with a focus on video. People are paired on multiple dimensions including: education, politics, and religion. Dates are remote but face-to-face (video). We helped build the matchmaking algorithm, real-time video chat functionality, and mobile application.

Backend Development

Using WebRTC and custom STUN/TURN servers, we developed a video platform to handle thousands of 1:1 and group-based live video calls.

Product Design

Having users return to use FilterOff on a daily basis requires a consistent, fast, and engaging experience. From performance to interaction and animation, we sweated the details.

Matching Algorithm

People are picky. Our real-time matching algorithm is multi-dimensional, analyzing age, gender, location, ethnic and religious beliefs, as well as 20 interest-based questions.