Our product outcomes

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No two projects are the same (see examples on our work page). Here are our product outcomes to ensure we’re aligned and positioned for success:


Every project starts with discovery (i.e. research and planning). In this phase we assemble product requirements, design a collection of initial wireframes/mockups, and draft a project proposal. Think of it as a product blueprint, which you can activate with us or take elsewhere. We do discovery in 40 hour sprints, typically over 2 weeks. One sprint is enough for most projects but some may require two or more.


A lightweight version 1 for testing and validation. Focused on limited features. Typically scoped to a single platform (ios, android, web, etc). Ignores building for scale. And willingly accepts these parameters in favor of quickly achieving something usable. With the stated intention: put v1 in hands of early users, collect feedback, and iterate towards a production product. Prototypes can take take 2-4 months.

Production Product

A feature enhanced, polished product that's fit for mass deployment. It has a refined interface to empower and delight your users. It’s built on a stable, extensible foundation enabling growth. It embodies your brand and takes your business to the next level. Production products can take 4-8 months.

Long Term Partner

For teams that want a long term product partner we have a retainer model. To continually iterate and regularly ship improvements. To relentlessly improve business outcomes. Retainers are 6+ month commitments and renew on a quarterly rolling basis.