Our Team Values

2 min read

A question we always ask in first meetings with founders, partners, or potential hires is, "How do you define your values?"

We get a surprising distribution of answers, but they generally fall into three categories. The first category improvises their values on the spot. They recognize we care about this and answer in appeasement, with general aphorisms. The second category pushes back, saying either they don’t have a set of values, or don't consider them germane to the task at hand (usually in much nicer language). The third category lights up and shares insightful values they have clearly thought very deeply about.

Values don't necessarily determine the altitude of human commercial success, but even as a small-scale startup, strongly inform the tenor of relationships and the operations of your company.

Our values are:

  1. Be kind, open, and direct
  2. Quality through authenticity
  3. Kill the cats (be curious)
  4. Keep it simple

We don't expect everyone to share all of our values, but they exist to guide us while building enduring relationships.