What makes us different

2 min read

We're a team of founders, designers, and engineers. After 13 years of bringing product ideas to market (read origin story), we have a strong multi-disciplinary perspective on what it takes to win:

  1. Get focused. Poorly defined products suffer from chronic scope creep and never launch on time. We get your project scope on rails, drafting a blueprint for success before anything is built.
  2. Avoid temptations. Skimping on the fundamentals is the product poisonous apple. We’ve made every mistake possible and refined an effective process along the way to help you avoid the land mines.
  3. Build foundations. The surest way to slow your business is a box of spaghetti (bloated, cobbled product). We deliberately select our stack, integrations, and supporting tools to deliver you an enduring, extensible product.
  4. Prioritize time to market. Building in isolation is a recipe for failure. We ship early and often, put product in user hands, and iterate through real world feedback.
  5. Scale on signal. Ramping ahead of product-market fit is a good way to waste time and money. We've seen scale and know how to prepare for it, but refuse to over invest in it before warranted.
  6. Have fun. Launching a product is hard, humbling work. The only way to succeed is to surround yourself with good, capable people, embrace the challenge, and try to have fun along the way.