Who we are

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We've been building products together since 2010.


We started Rounded, a product firm specializing in web and mobile applications. We worked with companies large and small, from private enterprise to non-profits. We helped reimagine library software for the cloud (acquired), modernize mobile tools for anglers/hunters (acquired), and launch personalized preference systems for the wine industry (active). We also tinkered with our own ideas. It was varied, exciting work allowing us to sharpen our skills and pay the bills.


We raised venture capital for our own product, Density. Originally conceived as a side project to understand busyness of our local coffee shop. Today it’s a platform to measure and optimize commercial real estate. Over 6+ years we: raised $225m in VC, grew the team to 200, designed & deployed enterprise-grade applications, and successfully sold into F1000s. We saw and learned a lot. It was a crazy, amazing, rewarding ride. Eventually we were able to grow the company to the point that it no longer needed us. So we transitioned out to start new businesses. Learn more about Density here.


We formed Bread. A product firm to help companies design and deploy software systems. After 13 years of working together, we’ve seen it all. We’re dedicated to sharing what we’ve learned, so you can avoid the same mistakes. We lean on our experience to build enduring foundations, accelerate time to market, and exceed customer expectations. We strive to solve complex problems with simple solutions. Our code is as solid as our designs. We enjoy working with (and investing in) ambitious teams. Most of all, we’re proud to have made our careers working together and believe our background uniquely positions us to guide product ideas to market.